Invisalign® in Lake Bluff

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The Tried-and-True Clear Aligner

A woman holding an Invisalign aligner in Lake Bluff, IL
A woman holding an Invisalign aligner in Lake Bluff, IL

If you want to straighten your teeth without braces, Invisalign is the way to go.

It’s the only clear aligner system to use SmartTrack® technology… This text opens a new tab to the Invisalign website…, making it:

  • Faster than braces on average.
  • More predictable and precise.
  • Look less noticeable by having better-fitting aligners.
  • More comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off.
  • Able to treat more kinds of cases.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in our cosmetic dentistry services. Keep reading to discover more benefits!

Why Invisalign?

There are some clear advantages!
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Same Cost

Generally, Invisalign costs the same as braces or other clear aligners.

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Invisalign aligners are removable. Take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

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Dr. Khan offers Invisalign for both teenagers and adults.

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Our iTero Element 5D scanner takes quick digital impressions to precisely map out your treatment.

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Hardly anyone will notice you have Invisalign aligners on.

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In addition to a beautiful straight smile, you’ll improve your oral and overall health.

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Balancing your bite will help alleviate pain and tension from your jaw, neck, and head. 

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Improving your smile will instantly boost your self-esteem and attractiveness. 

Dr. Khan is very professional and takes pride in her dental practice having the best dental equipment in her Lake Bluff, Illinois practice. She treats everyone with respect. This is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Her assistants are both exceptional.

Bobbi R. (Actual Patient)

Our Real Invisalign Patients

Check out their before and after photos!
Invisalign before and after photo of an open bite patient
Invisalign before and after photo of real patient
Before and after photo of an Invisalign patient in Lake Bluff, IL
What's the Process Like?
Dr. Fauzia Khan taking notes

Our Invisalign Provider, Dr. Fauzia Khan, employs advanced training and technology to make your Invisalign journey convenient, predictable, and worth it.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

  • First, we’ll discuss your end goal, answer questions, and address concerns.
  • Next, we’ll take a quick digital impression of your teeth (no goop involved).
  • Using ClinCheck® software… This text opens a new tab to the ClinCheck page…, Dr. Khan will map out your custom treatment plan, right down to the tiniest shift.
  • Once complete, she’ll show you a virtual play-by-play of how your teeth are expected to move and what your final smile will look like.
  • You’ll know the number of aligners needed, anticipated timeline, total cost, and financial options.
  • You’ll return in one month to receive your first sets of aligners.
  • You’ll wear your aligners and switch to new sets as instructed. Check-up appointments will vary between 4-8 weeks.
  • When you achieve your desired result, we’ll end treatment and create a retainer to preserve your straight smile for life. We’ll also provide you with complimentary teeth whitening to help your new smile shine!
Dr. Fauzia Khan taking notes
Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our Invisalign provider!

  • What does Invisalign fix?

    Invisalign fixes mild to moderate cases, including:

    • Overbites
    • Underbites
    • Crossbites
    • Open bites
    • Gap teeth
    • Crowded teeth

    With complex cases, you may find braces are more suitable. 

  • How much does Invisalign cost?
    Cost varies depending on the length of treatment, the number of aligners, complexity, etc.

    Want a quote?

    Schedule a consultation with Dr. Khan!

    Our office serves patients from Lake Bluff… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, Lake Forest, North Shore, and the surrounding areas.

  • How long does Invisalign take?

    On average, Invisalign treatment is 12-18 months. Keep in mind, this varies from person to person.

    When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Khan, she’ll map out a treatment plan that’ll give you a timeline estimate.

  • What are the rules with Invisalign?

    Invisalign is a very easy and straightforward orthodontic treatment, so long as you follow the basic ground rules:

    • Wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day.
    • Only take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss.
    • Do not eat or drink with Invisalign in (exception is water).
    • Brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in.
    • Clean your aligners every day.
    • Switch to your new set of aligners on time and in the right order.
    • Come back for check-ups as instructed.
    • Contact us right away if you damage or lose your aligner.

    If you ever have a question or concern, give us a call!

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